Family law

The University of Law in Bristol provides a free email advice line for family law matters such as divorce, separation and issues involving children of a relationship.

Family Law Email Advice Service (FEAL)

This service is provided by post-graduate students studying at the University of Law, under the supervision of the University’s Pro Bono Co-ordinator and Irwin Mitchell, and, as such, we can only accept cases at a level appropriate to the students’ stage of learning. If your query involves family law, but is complex or involves assets of high value, we may feel that our service is inappropriate to meet your needs; in such a case, we will signpost you elsewhere for assistance.

Unfortunately we are not in a position to accept enquiries that involve:

  • wills & probate ( including inheritance issues);
  • Court of Protection issues;
  • debt;
  • immigration issues;
  • community care;
  • law outside England & Wales;
  • ongoing court proceedings;

We provide a written, general advice only service and cannot provide specific advice on your individual issue.

We also cannot represent you in court or at any other hearing.

These limitations are necessary because students are not qualified and the supervising solicitors cannot commit to the time required to prepare and present a case in court.

Contacting us

To contact our service, please email [email protected] with a brief summary (no more than 100 words) of your family related issue.

When we receive your enquiry, the supervisor will initially consider whether your issue falls within the remit of our service. If it does, we will contact you via email to provide you with the terms and conditions of our service and request further details. On receipt of this extra information, the supervisor will make a final decision as to whether we can offer you some legal advice. From this point, it will take approximately 28 days to provide you with written advice.

If it appears that we are unable to give you advice, either due to the nature of your case, pressure of time or complexity, you will be informed by email. We will, wherever possible, give you information about other bodies which may be able to help you.